BS EN 167:2002 – Personal Eye Protection – Sunglasses

BS EN 471:2003 – High-Visibility Warning Clothing For Professional Use – Test Methods And Requirements

BS EN 12368:2015 – Traffic Control Equipment – Signal Heads

BS EN 12966:2014 – Road Vertical Signs – Variable Message Traffic Signs

BS EN 12464:2002 – Light And Lighting – Lighting Of Work Places

BS EN 13272:2001 – Railway Applications – Electrical Lighting For Rolling Stock In Public Transport Systems

BS EN 13932:2004 – Light And Lighting – Measurement And Presentation Of Photometric Data Of Lamps And Luminaires

BS EN 15152:2007 – Railway applications – Front Windscreens For Train Cabs

BS EN 15153:2007 – Railway Applications – External Visible And Audible Warning Devices For Trains

BS EN 60810:2003 – Lamps For Road Vehicles – Performance Requirement

BS 469:1195 – Railway Signalling Lamps

BS 667:2005 – Illuminance meters – Requirements And Test Methods

BS 1376:1974 – Specification For Colours of Light Signals

BS 1836:2005 – Personal Eye Equipment – Sunglasses And Sunglare Filters For General Use

BS 3143:1990 – Road Danger Lamps – Specification For Low-Intensity Battery-Operated Lamps

BS 6102:1986 – Lighting For Cycles – Specification For Photometric And Physical Requirements of Lighting Equipment

BS 8442:2006 – Miscellaneous Road Traffic Signs And Devices – Requirements And Test Methods

GKRT0045 Iss 1 Feb 10 – Lineside Signals, Indicators and Layout of Signals

NR/SP/SIG/10062 Iss 1 Aug 99 – Requirement Specification For Performance Of Long Range Colour Light Signals

NR/SP/SIG/10110 Iss 1 Aug 99 – Requirement Specification For Performance Of Position Light Signals

NR/SP/SIG/10127 Iss 1 Apr 99 – Equipment Specification For The Filament Lamp (Type SL35) For Use In The Long Range Colour Light Signal

OP/DOC/22 Iss1 Oct 02 – Operational Property Engineering Guidance Note For Lighting Of Railway Premises

BS EN 54-23:2010 - Fire detection and fire alarm systems. Fire alarm devices, visual alarm devices

BS EN12899-1:2007  Fixed, vertical road traffic signs - Part 1: Fixed signs*

BS EN12899-2:2007  Fixed, vertical road traffic signs - Part 2: Transilluminated traffic bollards (TTB)*

BS EN12899-3:2007  Fixed, vertical road traffic signs - Part 3: Delineator posts and retroreflectors*

IMO MSC.81(70):1998  Revised recommendations on testing of life-saving appliances (Lifebuoy lights)

*UKAS test available via our testing partner TÜV SÜD Product Service




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